About Debbie Gee

Hi there! My name is Debbie. I’m a Christian. I love God more than anything and anyone. And  I am married to the most beautiful man, I am also known as Mrs. Gee ❤  I have two other siblings, one is older and one is younger so technically that makes me the middle child. If you ask me  about how true middle child syndromes are, hmmm.. let’s just say I have my own distinct personality compared to my other sisters. 😉 I don’t have a brother so yes, we are three daughters in the family (How fun is that!). I love my me time. Infact I need to have my me time every now and then. But you should know I’m an extrovert. I love outdoor activities but not those that are life-threatening (nope, I’m not adventurous but I love adventures–okay, I’m weird). I love coffee. I love to read. My free time is usually spent on coffeeshops with a good book and a good coffee. I’m not really a writer or anything like that. But I love sharing my thoughts about God, faith, love, life, dreams, anything under the sun. That’s why I also love journaling. I used to write all my thoughts on my journal (actually I still do). And this time, I’m learning to share my thoughts to the cyber world. I really hope you’ll love my thoughts and we can exchange ideas about life. 🙂