4 Things TWIN MOMS Should Learn To Let Go

Motherhood brings so many challenges. Sometimes, it tests our capacities and capabilities in handling multiples tasks all at the same time. More so mothering TWINS!

From breastfeeding or bottle feeding, to changing nappies, to putting babies to sleep, to soothing colic babies and many more. And include household duties like cooking, washing the dirty dishes, doing the laundry and many more. Mothers do EVERYTHING and sometimes all at the SAME TIME. 

With twin moms, everything is extra! You exert extra effort and extra time in taking care of two babies.

But sometimes, it helps to just learn to let go of some things in order to be more productive and to have that little rest that we, twin moms or even singleton moms, deserve.

1. LET GO OF YOUR SCHEDULES – Schedules help us moms keep our day sane and productive. But we all know keeping up with schedules is very hard especially if we have a baby at home. Babies have a way of messing up our schedules and we end up disappointed and frustrated because we cannot meet our schedules. Let go of your schedules and just choose to do the more important things first. As they say it, PRIORITITES PRIORITIES PRIORITIES! There is always that perfect day to do the things we have been procrastinating for days. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’ll learn to adjust and get by every single day.

2. LET GO OF SOME HOUSEHOLD DUTIES – That dirty laundry piling up, and the dirty dishes waiting to be cleaned CAN ALWAYS WAIT. LET THEM WAIT. Don’t stress yourself and force yourself to get things done all the time. Not doing the chores does not make you less of a mother. When you are too tired to do the chores, give yourself a break and choose to rest. Believe me, when you choose to rest, you will be more productive the next day. Moms SHOULD rest because we are almost never allowed to get sick.

3. LET GO OF YOUR PRECIOUS TIME IN THE SHOWER – Being able to take a shower for the day is already an accomplishment for new mothers. That bathroom door is so close yet so far. But even when we are able to take a shower, 5 minutes is already too long to stay in the bathroom. There is always a baby crying or a toddler knocking on the door when its past 5 minutes. Learn to let go of long showers and learn the art of taking a shower FAST.

4. LET GO OF WANTING TO DO THINGS ON YOUR OWN –  Twin mothers need help! EVERYDAY! It’s already hard taking care of one baby, how much more TWINS!
As much as we want to endure and sacrifice for our babies, sometimes it helps to ask help from family and friends. A simple 2-3 hour visit from your mother or a friend is already a big help. It gives you a little time to relax – if this still exists in the mom world. It’s good to try to do things yourself but if its too much already, press that HELP button. Twin mom life is easier when you have help.

I know there are a lot of things that you can add to the list but I’m pretty sure these goes to your top 4 as well.

Mothers are amazing human beings. Mothers let go of a lot of things and die to themselves while giving life and love to a precious uman being. Letting go of some things are sweet sacrifices all mothers make in the name of pure unconditional love.

Salute to all moms out there! You go girl! 🙂


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