Top Five Baby Hygiene To Live By

Hey there fellow mommas, I have been thinking what topic I should be writing about after my previous blog. Click here  And I honestly thought about a lot of things that I think  is helpful, but this , I think, is really worth blogging about. PROPER Baby Hygiene is and should be every mothers’ top most priority.

I’m sure you all had people telling you, “Hey, your baby needs germs sometimes, don’t be too strict!” or “Expose your baby to germs, that will build up his or her immune system.” Yes, I honestly believe they are right! BUT, ofcourse there are limitations to it. Like what I did with my twins, they started going out to the malls only when they already had their first shot of immunizations.  What I’m saying is, BE RESPONSIBLE and TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS as a parent.

Parents have their own way of raising and taking care of their child. There’s no such thing as General Template Parenting. Each and every parents have their own templates. BUT, I believe there are hygiene RULES that is very important that every parent should follow. I made a list of what I think IS a MUST.


Always wash your hands before touching your baby. Our hands carry a lot of germs that may be harmful to our babies. Also, you should get to know the bestfriend of all mommas, and that is ALCOHOL. Be very strict in choosing who can touch and carry your baby, it’s your right as a parent. And always always let them put alcohol first before they touch or carry your baby.


Make it a habit to bathe your baby everyday. Your babies can also feel sticky and hot like adults especially when they start to drool and play. I use Lactacyd baby bath. My twins love it and its not too strong for their skin plus it smells good too. It’s better to create a consistent routine of bathing your baby every morning. This way, you can be sure that your baby is clean and fresh as they start their day.


Babies have very senstive skin. So always make sure that you wash all their clothes with a mild detergent. Also, do not use any detergent that have a strong smell.  I’m using Cycles mild laundry detergent, it’s hypoallergenic and phospate free. And if possible, try to iron all the clothes before they use it so that the fabrics will be softer and you can get rid of some germs stuck in the fabrics. Always remeber, WASH and IRON.


As much as possible, do not wait for your baby’s nappy to sag before you decide to change it. I change my babies’ nappies every 3 hours before they feed. This is also the best way to avoid diaper rashes. And in night time, if you are like me, who is always a zombie in the wee hours, I let them use a bigger nappy that can store more for the night. But make sure you don’t forget to change their nappies first thing in the morning. And also very important, it is best to use running water to clean your baby’s bottom if you’re at home. I only use wet wipes when we’re not at home. My babies NEVER had a diaper rash.


Babies are prone to skin rashes since they have very sensitive skin. Common rashes are heat rash and diaper rash. Since my babies never had a diaper rash, I can only share about heat rash. Always let your baby wear comfortable clothes at home that is not too tight on their skin, this can help prevent heat rash. I also put LIQUID powder in their neck and arms right after their bath. I use Lactacyd baby liquid powder, I love it so much that I even put some before their bedtime.  Please do not use powder since your baby might inhale some of the powder and could cause respiratory problems in the future. Or if you do not have a liquid powder, you can use Aloe Vera gel. It works wonders! Skin Hygiene is very important because rashes can really make your baby irritable and uncomfortable and we do not want that to happen, EVER.

So, these are just some of the many hygiene rules that I think we should all know of. You may or may not agree but this hygiene rules really worked best with my twins.

I’m sure you know how to keep your baby clean and fresh. Mothers have that built-in instinct and gift of feeling and knowing what’s best for their babies.

Feel free to share some of your hygiene rules too, and help first time moms and expecting moms out there 🙂


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