6 Things Moms Wish Other People Understand About Being A Mom

Being a mother is the most wonderful thing that can happen to a woman. It’s a magical experience and a very fulfilling role. But, sometimes, mothers are misunderstood. And, here are a few things that we wish other people know about mothers.

1. Being extra careful and cautious

Some would think that moms are over acting when it comes to protecting their child. Some would even use the word “overprotective”. But the truth of the matter is that, moms are just being extra careful and cautious. Because moms including myself, live by the mantra “Better safe than sorry” and “Better to prepare than repair”. Babies getting sick is the hardest thing a mom endures. A sick baby can sometimes give moms that guilt feeling that she could have done more or she should have done the right thing the first time. So yes, moms are extra careful because we are dealing with life. And life is precious.

2. Guilt is real

You might have heard moms saying, “I feel like I’m a bad mom” or “I should have done better”. Guilt is real, people. Moms have that built in desire to give her best to her children. But sometimes, we feel that its never enough. Thus, the guilt. Everytime something bad happens to our child, it is automatic for us to feel that we could have done something to prevent it. Moms are the most loving and caring people on earth which makes them more vulnerable to feel guilt. So, please be more kind with your words to mothers.

3. Taking a break is not selfish

A lot of people would say that the new generation moms or the millenial moms are too focused on themselves . I would strongly disgaree.ย  Times have changed. I think millenial moms are well informed of their options and they understand that stretching themselves to the point of exhaustion and depression can only make them more ineffective as a mother. I, personally, ask my husband for a break because I know my limits and I am more efficient in mothering when I am well rested. Taking a break does not mean neglecting and forgetting our responsibilities as a mother. Infact, it motivates and encourages us more to become better mothers. Taking a break is also our way of intentionally loving ourselves so we can show and give more love to our children.

4. Self expression is important

I can honestly say that we are the generation of super expressive moms. We have all the outlets readily available to express our thoughts and even our pain. Expressing ones feelings and emotions at the moment is a very healthy way of maintaining a happy heart. Moms go through a lot of things everyday and sometimes letting out a little steam can be a big help in keeping our sanity. I’m not saying that moms should rant about everything and express everything to the world. What I’m saying is, expressing our thoughts, emotions and feelings through journalling or blogging (like what I do) or even privately to our husband is a very healthy thing to do. And I also think, it is a MUST.

5. Taking thousands of photos of their kids

Taking tons of pictures of our babies or children is the best way for us to keep and store precious memories. Some would say that taking photos of every moment is too much. I would say, you can never have too much photos of your kids. They grow up so fast and we think that capturing every bit of moment that we can is very important. Every milestone, every laughter, every playtime, everything is worth capturing. They are not babies or kids forever. It’s good to have something to look at when remembering precious moments.

6. Different ways of parenting

Enough of parenting comparisons. Every mother has its own way of parenting her child. There is no general template when it comes to parenting. Every moms have a unique approach to parenting. Moms know what is best for their kids. Their best may not be the best for other kids but again, why compare? Each child is different.

So, these are just some of the many things that we wish other people understand. Mothering is a very difficult task and we need all the support and love we can get. Let’s help each other out, encourage one another and raise champions for the next generation.


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