2019 Thanksgiving List


Few days left in 2018. And as always, I pause and ponder on how the year was.  Again and again I am in awe of how good and faithful the Lord is.

For sure, there were bad days but there were more good days than the bad. There were breakings and failures but there’s also breakthroughs and victories.

So many things to thank the Lord for. I’m writing these down so I can never forget and if time comes I get distracted with frustrations and disappointments, may this remind me of God’s infinite grace and love.

1. Family

Where do I even start? They are my greatest blessings and my forever reward. Thankful for my husband for EVERYTHING. God knows I prayed for a loving, faithful, and godly spouse and He surely blessed me with one. Thankful for my daughters. They give me so much joy and fulfillment. My heart bursts with love and gratefulness because of my girls. I am always reminded of God’s faithfulness and powers  through my daughters.

2. Good Health and Protection

This, we always neglect and disregard. Every night, this is my prayer for my family and everyday the Lord grants them. How easy it is not to notice but today, I thank God for good health and protection. All year round, 24/7 we were safe, whole and healthy. Blessings do not always come in tangible forms. Another great blessing I am forever thankful for is this.

3. Provision

I bet we always pray for this. Today, I lift my hands to the God who provides us with what we need. God surely knows what we need before we even say it and He is faithful to deliver us from any troubles. This year, God gave us a financial breakthrough we have been praying for. Thankful for the people He used to bless us and for the people He removed to protect us from. We enjoy what we have now because God allowed us to be in this season of our lives. Thank you, Jesus.

4. Business

Thankful for the means of earning and living. This year, God closed a lot of doors but opened a better one. We know it’s not gonna be hard work and commitment but if God opened the door, no one can ever shut. Thankful and grateful for the people He used to help us kick off our business and for the people He touched to be part of our business. The best is yet to come.

5. Status quo

Thankful for the routine, the everyday life, the status quo. This may sound so small but not all is blessed with a beautiful status quo. Thankful for being alive. Thankful for peace in our families, thankful for our possessions, thankful for friends, thankful for time, and most especially thankful for life. Tomorrow is not a promise but a gift. Thankful for God’s mercies everyday. Thankful for Jesus.

What a year 2019 was.

What a good God we have.

Looking forward for 2020.

To God be the Glory.

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