My 2018

Last day of 2018. Summing up my year in 7 words: Challenging and overwhelming but JOYFUL and GRATEFUL. 2018 has taught me a lot of things. God purposefully designed this year for me, to be a step closer to the person He purposed me to be. I, personally, have my share of breakdowns and victories. …

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Shocking Reality of Motherhood

The beauty of being a woman is the ability to carry and grow a miracle inside her. Once a lady gets pregnant, the excitement and anticipation is over the top. Ofcourse it's a big deal and it's a beautiful thing becoming a mother. It's something you would want to experience over and over again. But, …

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How To Keep Your Sanity While Being A Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM)

Hi there fellow Stay-at-home-Momma (SAHM). First of all, I wanna ask you, How are you doing? I know how tired and exhausted you are. Being a SAHM can be very frustrating and challenging at times. It's a full time job without a day off and you literally have to be available 24 hours a day. I know! I feel you, Momma! 

CHRIST in this season. 🎄🎄🎄

Like many of you, Christmas is my favorite season of the year. There is just a different kind of excitement and so much happy hormones that my body is giving me when Christmas is just around the corner.  Growing up, Christmas was always a special occasion in our family. My parents would always double their …

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